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Bachelor of Laws

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Certificate of Transfer (HD) from the former school.
  • One (1) passport size and five (5) 1x1 inch photographs
  • Certified true Copy of Birth Certificate
  • A Certificate of graduation from a four-year collegiate course indicating the major field of concentration; and
  • A certificate of Good Moral Character from a dean or head of the former school.
  • Transcript of Records Honorable Dismissal


As a Catholic educational institution, the mission of Aklan Catholic College is to produce professionals who are fully human and wholly Christian. In the light of this mission, the College of Laws aims to produce lawyers who conduct themselves according to Christian principles and to the noblest traditions of the bench and the bars; to educate the mind to legal provisions and the heart in justice, civic consciousness, and respect for law, authority and human rights.


Envisions producing lawyers who are competent, service oriented, committed and responsive to globalization.


In order that the professors and the college administration can give individual attention to the students, enrollment in each class or section is limited. Classes generally begin at 5:30 p.m. to accommodate working students.


No applicant for admission to the Aklan Catholic College of Law shall be admitted unless he had pursued and satisfactorily completed in an authorized university or college the course of study prescribed for a bachelor's degree in Arts and Sciences, with any of the following subjects as major of concentrations: Economics, English, History, Logic, Political Science and Spanish; and has passed the entrance examination of the College of Law.

The applicant must present a: "Certificate if Preliminary Education of LAW students" (FORM C-1) from the director of the Region VI. Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Iloilo City, as well as a certificate of transfer from the university of college where he completed the course of study for a bachelor's degree in Arts or Sciences or its equivalent as determined by the Commission on Higher Education. Non-disclosure of the applicant's having previously taken law subjects in another school and the results thereof shall be cause for cancellation of his enrollment or his non-readmission. There is admission test for first year students.

As general rule, a student has to commence his studies with the first semester of the first year and should continue in the progression of subjects by semester as far as feasible until he completed the course.

In exception cases, the Dean may allow a student to deviate from the approved curriculum, after having completed the requirements of the first year, subject to the following specific sequence of subjects.

  • Persons and Family Relations must be taken before Wills and Successions.
  • Obligation and Contracts must be taken before Property, Torts and Damage, Insurance Sales and Lease, Credit Transactions, Business Organizations (Partnership, Agency and Trust)
  • Criminal Law I must be taken before Criminal Law II)
  • Constitutional Law I and Constitutional Law II must both be taken before Public Corporations and Administrative Law
  • Obligations and Contract, Property, Insurance, Sales and Lease, Negotiable Instruments Law, Credit Transactions, Business Organizations I (Partnership, Agency and Trust), and Land Titles and Deeds must be taken before Legal Forms (with Contract Drafting).
  • Civil Procedure must be taken before Evidence.
  • Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure must both be taken before Special Proceedings and Trial Technique.
  • Taxation I is a pre-requisites to Taxation II.
  • Practice Court I must be taken before Practice Court II.
  • All subjects in the first, second, and third years shall be taken and passed before the corresponding review courses in the fourth year.


  • Satisfactory compliance with all academic (Including 4 semesters of Seminar and Population Education Integrated with Legal Medicine and non-academic (4 semesters of MCT) and other requirements of the College.
  • Residence of at least two (2) years (the last two years with full load before graduation).
  • Settlement of all financial and property obligations to the College.
  • As a rule, no fourth year or graduating student shall be allowed to cross enroll in another school for the purpose of completing requirements for graduation during the term.
  • Must have earned 18 units in English and 18 units in Social and Political Sciences.
  • Candidates for graduation shall file with the registrar's Office their application within the first month of the second semester of the senior year.


  • Students entitled to educational benefits (PVA, USVA, State Scholars and P D No. 577 for dependents of military personnel who died or become incapacitated in line of duty) may apply for these scholarship in the Aklan Catholic College of Law if complete papers are submitted upon enrollment.
  • For Aklan College Summa Cum laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude graduates entering the College of Law are given 100% scholarship for the entire first year. Honor graduates of other schools shall be entitled to the same scholarship, subject to the administrative rules and policies of the school, and approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • Children of members of the Law Faculty are granted special scholarships (full or partial) under rules prescribed by the Board of Trustees.


  • Scholarships are granted only to students taking full load.
  • They must have an average of 1.75 with no lower than 2.5 flat.
  • Scholarships are based on semestral computation of grades rather than annual average.
  • No student applying for scholarship should have an incomplete grade in any subject.
  • Attendance should not be lower 80% of the total number of school days of the school year or semester.
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