Welcome to Aklan Catholic College


ACC Gymnasium (Main Campus)

March 12, 2019 / Matinee: 2:33 PM / Gala: 7:33 PM


The one-act play, "Kuring" by John Barrios

The poems, "Agahon", "Tug-An", and "Pageaom" by Roman Dela Cruz with orginal music by Uzziel Adores and ACC

Rondalla Ensemble

The poem, "Haead Kay Arsenia" by Nynn Arwena Tamayo with a short film directed by Kim Janus Justo of Studio Eight

Photographyand music by Pike and Veena Ramirez with Darlene Braza as lead actor

The poem, "Kalatsutsi" by Rommel Constantino with a newly-choreographed contemporary dance by Romeo "Tats" Padilla, Jr. and art installation by Jeno Andrew Icasas

The new dance-drama, "Saeaming" by Romeo "Tats" Padilla, Jr.

The poems, "Tula" and "Ginaalin Baea Ro Tula" by Mhargie Morales and Ruel Maglunob, respectively

Show photos shall be created by Bart Torres Baylon and the video, Jun Alejaga

This project is in cooperation with ACCSSG and its president, Jaslyn Amacio.

Thanks to AKO's Loida Cordova for the image and Gina de Juan for the official poster layout.