Welcome to Aklan Catholic College

74th ACC/AC Foundation Anniversary

Dear AC/ACC Alumni,

Your Alma Mater, Aklan Catholic College, then Aklan College, is proud of you and what you have become. She misses you a lot and wants to be acquainted with you again. Thus, she is inviting you to the first alumni homecoming of the graduates and former students of Bachelor of Laws, BS Civil Engineering, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Nursing, BS Criminology, BS Hospitality Management, BS Tourism Management, Associate in Hotel Restaurant Management, Associate in Food Service Management, BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science, and Associate in Computer Technology on February 9, 2019, at the ACC Main Campus.

Let us celebrate and rekindle our identity as Aklan Collegians endowed with a sense of purpose "Pro Deo et Patria". Your presence will surely make this event remarkable and memorable.