Teacher's Ed.

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Academic Programs:


Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.S.Ed)

Majors: English, Filipino, Mathematics, General Science


Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.E.Ed)

Majors: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Health and Science


Bachelor of Arts (A.B.)

Majors: English, Political Science



  • Internship (Off-Campus) In Respective Municipality
  • In-house review Class for Licensure Examination
  • Additional 5 pts. for ranking is given to all LET Passers applying for teaching position in the public school
  • Surpassed the national norms passing percentage in LET. The highest in the province of Aklan
  • Complete Facilities, highly qualified and competent faculty
  • Level 2 Accreditation with PAASCU on-going
  • Preparatory to Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - The only course offered in the whole province of Aklan
  • With practicum in the Local Government Legislative Bodies


The Teacher Education Department is committed to prepare highly qualified and competent teachers imbued with strong Christian ideals and values, and deep sense of appreciation and dedication to the teaching profession.



Produces qualified, competent and globally competitive teachers needed by the education system; transforms them into professional teachers ready to face the continuing challenges of the accelerating changes in the society and develop learners full potential for them to become effective agents of changes.



  1. Accredit the teacher education program.
  2. Improve the level of performance of the graduates in the licensure examination for teachers.
  3. Upgrade the academic qualification and competence of faculty.
  4. Enrich the teacher education program through relevant contents; appropriate teaching strategies, relevant extra curricular activities, enhanced faculty resourcefulness, creativity and strong initiative.
  5. Institute dynamic and development oriented leadership in the implementation, monitoring assessment of the teacher education program.
  6. Modernize instructional materials, facilities and other tools for teaching and learning purposes.
  7. Create conducive environment for students to harness their potentials, creativity, religiosity, nationalism, and socio-civic consciousness.