Business Education

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To become the leading accredited programs in Business Education committed to produce competent business leaders and top caliber managers imbued with strong Christian values.



1. To develop the leadership, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, attitude and knowledge of the graduates and students at optimum level with authentic Christian formation.

2. To inculcate graduates and students to have a clear sense of their identity and purpose in the business world.

3. To produce world class managers entrepreneurs, administrators, and supervisors in the service to humanity.

4. To inspire faculty members to upgrade their potentials through researchers and enrolling in Graduate School Studies.



1. Accredit the business education program (Accountancy & Commerce)

2. Enrich the curricular programs to make it more relevant and responsive to the fast changing business milieu.

3. Accelerate personal, professional growth and development of the faculty.

4. Increase percentage of passing in the CPA Board Examination, Career Professional and TESDA Proficiency Skills Test.

5. Embark on relevant business research that will be useful in the Economic development of the province.

6. Enhance community outreach programs through business related activities and networking with government and non-government organizations in order to alleviate the socio-economic lives of beneficiaries.

7. Provide assistance and opportunities to students to enable them to become successful entrepreneurs.