It’s been a while and she misses you big time!

Take a load off from your accounting and business works, and stroll down the memory lane and breathe new life into your reminiscences generated for years as Aklan Catholic College (formerly Aklan College) holds her very First Grand Alumni Homecoming of the Business Education and Accountancy Department with the theme Heeding the Call of Global Challenges with Strong FACES (Faith. Accountability. Character & Competence. Excellence. Service) on February 10-11, 2017 at the ACC Gymnasium.

Graduates of BS Accountancy, BS Administration, BS Commerce and Secretarial are greatly encouraged to have a partnership with her again. Your Alma Mater would be very pleased to see her return of investments grown and are now at the summit of their success. Let us celebrate and rekindle our identity as Aklan Collegians endowed with a sense purpose Pro Deo et Patria. This is going to be a remarkable and wonderful celebration.

Below is the Schedule of Activities

Registration fee           Php 350.00

T-shirt                              300.00

Dinner                              350.00


Souvenir Program Advertisement

Whole Page                 Php 3,000.00

Half Page                           2,000.00

Inside Front Cover Page       5,000.00

Inside Back Cover Page       5,000.00

Back Cover Page               10,000.00

Line                                     500.00


Please send the Specification for Souvenir Program Advertisement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after payment made.


Bank Account: Aklan Catholic College , Inc.

                        000000 8413000123   Foreign Currency Account

                                                        Savings Acct.

                                                        Dollar RCBC

                        1115 0523 45             Peso Acct.



MC@ACC on January 17! Please see Graduate School for your enrollment. Call 268-4152 Local 140.


Get the right job with ACC Senior High!


Academic Track

• Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)

• Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS)

• Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

• General Academic (GAs)


Tech-Voc Track

• Home Economics

o Tour Guiding Services

o Front Office Services

o Household Services

o Bread and Pastry Production

o Cookery and Commercial Cooking


• Information and Communication Technology

o Computer Programming and Animation


For reservations and inquiries, call 268-4152 local 122. Or, visit ACC High School now.


Sa ACC, ayos ka dito!


ACC has Senior High Government Permit No. SHS-024, Series of 2016